The Credibly Neutral Token

0xBTC is a neutral pure mined currency for Ethereum applications with no central ownership

▸ Launched Feb 2018
▸ No Premine
▸ No ICO
▸ First fully decentralized, purely mined, ERC20 token
▸ Token issuance only happens in exchange for PoW, like Bitcoin
▸ Token issuance according to Bitcoin's rules enforced by an immutable, trustless smart contract. No one has any greater authority or control over it than anyone else
▸ Resistant to 51% attacks

0xBTC is a faithful implementation of Bitcoin as a trustless, immutable Ethereum smart contract. It is not a fork. It combines the Bitcoin properties of block rewards, proof-of-work issuance, and a 21 million coin cap with the Ethereum properties of speed, DApps, and DEX trading.

0xBitcoin is not affiliated with either Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is an independent project with a decentralized development community.

0xBTC was the first token created to fill the need for an everyday cryptocurrency that is integratable, fast, and made to last.

0xBitcoin stands on the shoulders of giants, and tries to reach further


Ideal for its original intended purpose: running gas (miner fees) for smart contracts on the Ethereum network

Like Bitcoin, has attained worldwide adoption and paved the way for widespread use of digital currency

No POW or coin cap means no inbuilt inflation protection. The money supply is vulnerable to tampering, undermining long-term trust in the system


The original, revolutionary and respected block chain technology, and the guiding light for the 0xBTC project's ethos

Ideal as ‘digital gold’

Suffers from slow transaction times that can make it difficult to use for services that require speed

No inbuilt ability to interact with smart contracts limits potential as distributed apps become more common

0xBitcoin's principles matter in today's world

decentralized by Javad from the Noun Project

Decentralization aligns network participants together toward a common goal. It encourages a robust infrastructure and resists censorship.

smart contract by James Fok from the Noun Project

DApps are here, and they will only become more prominent. Smart Contract compatibility means that 0xBTC can be used quickly and easily around the world.

Coins by Viktor Fedyuk (Tim P) from the Noun Project

When governments, groups and companies can create currency on a whim, they whittle away the value of your money and leave you poorer for it. A coin cap is fundamentally a statement of respect for you, the money holder. Only the market will ever determine what your coin is worth.  

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"... I was pleased to find that this ... was one of the most interesting and unique small projects I've had the pleasure to research ..."

- Nik Patel, Altcoin Trader's Handbook - Read his full report